Photo: Isabelle Meister


Bleu Remix is the sequel to Bleu Provisoire, created in 2001– a performance in which Yann Marussich let a blue-tinted biological liquid ooze through the layers of his skin, representing the movement of the body's inner processes. In Bleu Remix, the performer sits on a reclining chair in a transparent glass cage. Once again, Marussich takes us on an intimate journey through his body.

The soundtrack of Bleu Provisoire is remixed for each performance of Bleu Remix by a different local musician, bringing an element of uniqueness to each event.


Performance schedule:

June 3 - 7:15 p.m.



Presented in collaboration with Mapping Festival.
Creation and performance: Yann Marussich
, Sounds remixed by: Aether Pilot - ELEKTRA Festival, 
Set and Lighting: Yann Marussich
, Artistic collaboration and lights: Daniel Demont
, Decor: David Châtel, Technical: Denis Rollet, 
Administration and Diffusion: Perceuse productions Scènes and Julie Semoroz

With the support of: Ville de Genève, Loterie Romande and Pro Helvetia

. Tour support: Corodis.
Prix ARS ELECTRONICA 2008 - categorie hybrid art.