Artists / MINHA YANG (KR)




Running Women is an artwork made of numerous motion vectors that are generated by mathematical and physical algorithms. Moving images taken by a high-speed camera are converted into two-dimensional vectors. These regenerating and recombining processes apply exquisite visual modifications to the original video. The work is composed of multiple layers, starting from showing superficial forms, through movements of lines and blank space. These multiple layers can be seen when viewed close up by the spectator, while initial video images appear when seen from a distance. Despite the use of computer algorithms, moving image artwork Running Women has the characteristics of oriental-style line drawings.


Photo: Minha Yang


Dec 2: Draw portrait depending on basic instinct and desire.

Dec 4: Choose a truly virtuous woman and take pictures of her, and reflect desire.

Dec 5: Combine several algorithms to substitute computing for desire.

Dec 6: Gather the substituted bit and record the computing process.

Portrait is the attempt to substitute computer algorithms for basic instinct and desire of human.


Minha Yang studied visual communication design and received his MFA in generative design at Seoul National University.



Curator: Dooeun Choi